Countdown to Public Crowdsale

What is TV-TWO?


An application for Smart TVs used as the new gateway to linear broadcast combined with a personalized video stream as an additional channel.


The technology to orchestrate the new television ecosystem, with direct interactions between users, advertisers and content producers.


A custom Ethereum-based token called TTV, the Token for Television, will fuel the ecosystem while ensuring security and fairness.

How does it work?

How can I try it?

You have a Samsung or LG Television? Join us in our Early Adopter program.
We are excited to get your feedback!

How does it scale?

In order to overcome the currently limited scalability as well as increasing latency and transaction fees of Ethereum, we are employing off-chain signature patterns. State channels are used to facilitate interactions between market participants.






Mode of Crowdsale Initial Coin Offering
Soft Cap 2,500 ETH
Hard Cap 25,000 ETH
Exchange Rate 1 ETH = 20,000 TTV
Reverse Exchange Rate 1 TTV = 0.00005 ETH
Token Supply for Crowdsale 500,000,000
Sale Launch 24 May 2018
Sale Completion 24 July 2018

Token Distribution

Allocation of Funds

Unsold tokens will be burned. The tokens of the team are vested over three years.

Conference Appearances


North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami

January 2018

TV-TWO Event at WeWork in

February 2018

Crypto Investor Show in London

March 2018

Coin Fest at Bitcoin Wednesday in Amsterdam

April 2018

WeAreDevelopers in

May 2018

World Economic Forum in Davos

February 2018

TV-TWO Event in
Hong Kong

February 2018

SXSW in Austin,

March 2018

C3 Crypto Conference in Berlin

April 2018

BlockShow Europe 2018 in Berlin

May 2018

Blockchain Night in

February 2018

TV-TWO Event in

March 2018

Crypto-Friends in Austin, Texas

March 2018

Blockchain Meetup in

April 2018

International Film Festival in Berlin

February 2018

d10 Event in

March 2018

Token Fest in San Francisco, California

March 2018


April 2018

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Jan Phillip Hofste

Co-Founder TV-TWO, Industrial Engineer.
Distributed Systems, State Channels, Semantic Web.
Experience: Chief Product Officer at Minodes.

Philipp Schulz

Co-Founder TV-TWO, Entrepreneur.
Communications, Sales, Partnerships.
Experience: Lead Business Development at Minodes.

Nicolas Schnorpfeil

Chief Financial Officer, Economist.
Quantitative Finance, Token Economy, Game Theory.
Experience: Finance Student at University of St Andrews.

Christopher Obereder

Chief Marketing Officer, Entrepreneur.
App Marketing, Growth Hacking, Public Relations.
Experience: NAGA and ICO, Forbes 30 under 30.

Philip Rottschäfer

Chief Operations Officer, Growth.
Operations, Partnerships, Recruiting.
Experience: Internationalization at N26.

Cody Lamson

Blockchain Developer, Solidity.
Full stack developer writing mostly Javascript and Solidity.
Experience: Developer for Brickblock and Adidas.

Jonas Schmidt

Strategy Consultant, Supporter.
Strategy, Operations, Exchange Management.
Experience: Intl. Management at Bocconi, Strategy& PWC.

Joschka Kintscher

Software Engineer and Crypto Investor, Supporter.
Experience: Software Engineer at Harvest.

Michael Brand

Back-End Developer, Supporter.
Experience: Mathematics at Berlin Institute of Technology.

Dave Barton

Startup & Cryptocurrency copywriter, Supporter.
Experience: Founder/Lead Writer at Startup Copy Guy.

Rodrigo Acosta

Blockchain Developer, Supporter.
Experience: IoP Token Server and Open Asset Protocol.


David Ben Kay

Governing Board of Ethereum (2016), Advisor.
Experience: General Counsel Microsoft (China), Pundi X ICO.

Tim Wegner

Tech Entrepreneur & Angel Investor, Advisor.
Experience: Physics at Imperial College and MIT, McKinsey.

Phillip Nunn

CEO at The Blackmore Group, Advisor.
Experience: Blockchain & Crypto Specialist, Public Speaker.

John Patrick Mullin

FTC Asian Regional Director, Advisor.
Experience: Investment Banker, Speaker, ICO.

Simon Cocking

Editor in Chief at Cryptocoin.News, Advisor.
Experience: Mentor & Advisor in 20+ Successful ICOs.

Jason Butcher

Coinpayments & Parallel Payments, Advisor.
Experience: Blockchain Association, Lydian ICO, Pindify ICO.

Tom Budd

Blockchain Consultant & Keynote Speaker, Advisor.
Experience: Booz Allen Hamilton, Betrium ICO, e-Chat ICO.

Oliver Laurence

Strategy Expert & Startup Mentor, Advisor.
Experience: Block 512, Crypto20 ICO.

Arthur Zubkoff

FinTech & Marketing Consultant, Advisor.
Experience: Banking, Crypto Investor, UTRUST ICO.

Tobias Schulz

Blockchain Investor at High-Tech Gründerfonds, Advisor.
Experience: Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Zalando.

Kai Rieke

TV Tracking and Attribution Expert, Advisor.
Experience: MD Affinitas (IPO), Director Marketing Project A.

Dan Biton

Co-Founder Gimli, Advisor.
Experience: Token Economics, ICO Campaigns.

Harold Kim

Asia Regional Director, Advisor.
Experience: Hyundai Capital, NAGA and INS ICO.

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